Appendix 2 to the Regulation on the introduction of entrance tests for admission to the bachelor’s degree programs in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The applicants must submit the relevant documents to the Admissions Committee, submit the information to the applicants’ should be verified. At the end of the admission process, applicants’ complaints (complaints) will not be taken into account. The applicant will be present at the date and time specified in the permit’s permit. During the test, the applicant has the right to: – Use the questionnaire as a draft; – Perform the test tasks ahead of schedule, after which the test items should be handed over to the group supervisor and departed from the area where the tests are to be carried out. On the day of testing, the applicants must complete the check-in at 07:30 (second shift at 13:00) (13:30 on the second shift), with regular entry of the applicant’s passport and passport through identification means and video equipment, with strict observance of rules of carrying out tests, from 07:30 to 08:00 at 14:30 on the second shift from 15:00 to 15:00 – to check whether the test book and the number of correspondence pages correspond to the correctness of the number of pages – to check the defects of the test materials and to inform the group supervisor immediately if the defect is found; – Write and sign the surname, first name, patronymic name of the place indicated on the answer sheet and the answer sheet on the test book; – Write the answer sheet to the appropriate entry of the applicant ‘s entitlement and title page; – Copy the code of the title and educational institution code in the title sheet on the answer sheet and copy the relevant circles.

In addition to the abovementioned commitments, the applicant is personally responsible for: – filling in the answer sheet with an air-colored ballpoint pen; – Do not miss the answer sheet, do not write down the marker, dye the circle under the answer sheet number; – Fill out the answer sheet as the main document determining the level of knowledge; – submit to the group supervisor a copy of the test book and the answer sheet corresponding to the appropriate circles of the appropriate sheet of paper, by completing the test tasks in the test book before the deadline. Tests are conducted in accordance with the curriculum of general secondary and secondary vocational education. Applicants will be tested for one or two or three subjects depending on their chosen course of study. Each subject contained in the Trial book contains 30 test tasks. To complete the test tasks (including replenishment of the answer sheet), 30 hours of test tasks will be 1 hour, 60 hours for the test task, 2 hours and 90 hours for 3 hours. Each test assignment will have 4 alternatives (“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”). Only one answer is required for each test assignment by the entrant, and the correct answers in the test book are answered in the answer sheet by one of the digital circles (no repetitive answer can be ). If you do not follow the “pattern for marking” sheet in the answer sheet, in the answer sheet for a test task, the corresponding test will not be scored if the appropriate color is not dyed or dyed or dropped. Entrants are not allowed to exit the group during the test run, and applicants are not re-tested. Except for cases of exit from the group under the supervision of the test without the use of test cases in situations that may have a negative impact on their health. In the following cases, the applicant will be disqualified from the test and will not be able to make any conclusions as follows: – Trying to bring microcards, dictionaries, tables, books, mobile phones, computers, telecommunication equipment and other means to access the premises or testing premises if they have been tested or tested, or used for testing; – Provides test items to other entrants or helps them; – Removes test materials out of the building; – Tests of test items; – Submission of test materials In case of failure to comply with the rules and regulations in the course of the test screening, it is established that the applicant does not follow the rules and regulations. The Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 11, 2012 № 205 ” “On the order of admission of citizens to higher educational institutions”, all citizens having military service in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, institutions of higher education will be given an additional bonus in the amount of 50% of the points earned on the results of the test. ‘admission for the winter does not apply to defined educational directions.

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