TDTU va ITU hamkorligi

TTU and ITU cooperation

Turkey’s Istanbul Technical University was founded by the Technical University of Tashkent in collaboration with the Technical University of Turkey.

The delegation visited the Republic of Turkey in the Republic of Turkey Istanbul Technical University rector Mehmet Karadah and the University of Oxford University, Fuyat Aydin, December 18, in Tashkent, Tashkent State Technical University. University Rector Prof. T.Tababancanov noted that guests at the university were impressed by the activities of the university. The Tashkent State Technical University, Istanbul University of Technology, has been working in partnership with the Volunteer Association for all inconsistencies. Learning Outcomes, Learning Outcomes, Professionals and Skills Counseling Interventions and Interventions. Teachers, teachers, scientists, scientists and experts in the field of mathematics, Istanbul, and the techniques of the Istanbul Technical University, are based on the importance of participating in the workshop. A number of fields are available for scientific research and collaboration in the field of science and technology. This cooperation has also made two delinquent initiatives. Visitors to the 2019 Winter Olympic Games in Tashkent organized a training seminar on “Innovative techno park in the framework of the Higher Education Council of the University of Tashkent”, organized by the International Association of Scientific Researches for the Study of Violations of the Scientific and Technological Research Council.

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