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Islam Karimov is the chairman of the Tashkent State University of Technology at the University of Termys on February 6th, entitled “The Involvement of Young People Associated with Organisms” on the topic of discussion and discussion on the issues of conflicts and disagreements.
In the world, world-wide agro-cultivated cultures, as a result of the catastrophe of the world, have been the subject of the brutality of the Branch Director Bacharu Ergashevich Turaev, who was diagnosed with cancerous and stinging participants. Doomsday City of Terziz One of the most important functions of the work organization was Tolibbek Tugayev, who was born in Tashkent. Oktam Taghayev, Thalmis’ demands from the city of Kunduz, Afghanistan, is a well-known country, because of the unwavering support, the friendship, the dualism, and the importance of the quality of the substance. Wives have grown up without hesitation, decency, and ignorance of the heroicity of the nature of her life. In fact, in the suburbs of the suburbs, the lithium, “Lirica”, “Trimadol” and the Trimadol substances are also subjected to the drug addiction, which is a sign of anatomical use of female genital mutilation. The boys made a lot of fun when they came to life. The President has been promoting the tourism industry, especially in Termez, in the heart of the heart of the city, and that the work is well-known. Holdings of the hegemony, as well as the reform of the youth, have contributed to the efforts of the civil society, to the extent possible. Therma has been delighted with the hospitality of tourists, tourism promotion. Thirty-two-year-old businessmen in the city, for example, have been working on a charity event.
The participant of the “People’s Republic of Uzbekistan”, “Veteran Services”, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Oliy Majlis, members of Aripova Shotta Rakhmatovna, who have been picked up by pornographic magazines, have been banned from becoming a heroic nationalist. Damage to the situation is unacceptable. In the end, the ladies had a great deal of interest in the game, and the result was a bit of a jerking story. Turmush gave the victims the opportunity and the opportunity to express their thoughts and suggestions in a unique way. She was encouraged to have anxiety in her life, faith, faith, and her love. Homosexuality and turmoil are justifiable for children to be cautious.
Termez Local hokimining Joşlar masalalari Ç’ditë maslahatcisi, Uzbekistan Joşlar Termez Union Local Council Chairman Salohiddinov Ƶahongir Hiloliddinovic student joşlar ўrtasida odatij holga ajlangan tamaki mahsulotlari cekiş, spirtli icimliklarga ruƶu qўjiş kaʙi holatlar haqida gapiriʙ, ʙundaj illatlar ortidan turli kўngilsizliklar and ƶinojatlar committed etilajotganligi haqida gapirdi. The young people were asked to attend the video for a photo of the legendary results of the film. Drug trafficking in Afghanistan, drug-trafficking, this aggression of the Kurdish people, who have been forced to infiltrate the state of affairs and the state of emergency, have not been thoroughly detailed, and each student is aware of the risk of misconduct.
Exercising skills in the lives of the experts in the life of the parish, the unpredictability, uncertainty, and the development of the professionalism and the marriage of the marriage have been disturbed. Short-term students are less skeptical, unwashed, inconspicuous ideas, and actively participating in athletics.

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