Murabbiy-o'qituvchi o'z kasbiga loyiq bo'lsin

The coach-teacher should be worthy of his profession

On May 24, the Termez branch of Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov visited Furkat Zakirov, chairman of the board of the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov, and Jonibek Tursunov, deputy dean of geological research faculty.

Experienced specialists first got acquainted with the affiliate management with the work done at the Tashkent University of Information Technologies, the scientific and spiritual-enlightenment work. After that the meeting was held with the participation of deans, heads of departments. Furkat Zakirov, chairman of the TDTU Coaching Council, said that at present the information and curriculum at the University, the importance of the lessons for the students, the need to reach weekly information. Speaking about the current state of the President’s policy, especially in the youth, which is widely spread in all spheres, the reforms implemented in all spheres of the country, explained that education and upbringing will be implemented through a single system.


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