Афғонистон фуқароларини ўқитиш таълим марказига ташриф

To accomplish this task, on May 25, the faculty of the Termez branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University visited the Training Center for Afghan Citizens. Bakhtiyor Khushbokov, Dean of the Faculty of Construction and Transport Systems, Jasur Rakhmankulov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Light Industry and Chemistry, Shukhrat Safarov and Jasur Saynazov, spokesman for the Buzrukov branch, initially created a center for Afghan students. were familiar. After that, a meeting with students took place in the center. The meeting was opened by the center’s director Oybek Ruziev and introduced the guests to the students. Khushbokov gave full information to graduates of two faculties, 5 departments and 8 areas of education in the Termez branch of the TDTU. It was noted that it was planned to open new areas of education


The video was presented to students with the activities of the branch, and a brochure was distributed to the students, which covered the educational process of the branch.
The TFTU TF team notes that the 122 Afghan students studying at the center have all the conditions to involve themselves and their young people in the TDTFF, study in our country and promote the development and prosperity of both countries.
Afghan students took the necessary information from the meeting. Asadullo Bashish, Ruhullo Aymok, Bismillon Nabizoda, Kudratullo Ahmadiy, Said Jaloliddin, Latif Nuriy, who graduated from the Uzbek language, say that they plan to continue studying in Uzbekistan, asking specific questions about the possibilities and conditions for choosing this educational institution, received.

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