Кореянинг ЧОНДЖУ университети профессори ТДТУТФ талабалари билан учрашди.

TDTUF students from the University of CHONJU, Korea, met with their students.

On May 28, a meeting was held at TDITF with a professor at Jeonju University, one of the prestigious universities in South Korea, An Beyon Il. Director of the branch Bakhodir Turaev noted that today the strengthening of cooperation with foreign universities in our country is one of the most pressing issues in the system. Students and students of the academic lyceum should be able to effectively use this opportunity, have deep knowledge and a worthy contribution to the development of our country. After that, the Korean professor made a speech and stressed the interest of Uzbek students to study Korean for two years, as well as the interest and passion of Uzbek students to study at universities in the world. TDTUTF said that it would be more appropriate if he signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the future. It was noted that the study of achievements in light industry, mechanics and technology in South Korea will only be useful.
The meeting was also attended by Zohidzhon Sattorov, the head of the Korean Corway Training Center, and Husan Hidirov, the head of the Rahmat Training Center, as well as students and graduates of high schools made some suggestions and recommendations for training in foreign universities.
Students and graduates asked the professor questions and questions about the Korean higher education system, their leisure programs.
The branch management agreed to start and strengthen cooperation with Korean universities.


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