Янги технологияларни бошқара оладиган кадрлар керак.

We need personnel who can cope with new technologies.

On May 29, Academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Yusupbekov Nodirbek Rustambekovich and Igamberdiev Khusan Zakirovich conducted an open dialogue with students of the Termez branch of TSTU. Academician N. Yusupbekov spoke about his many years of experience, his many years of teaching activity with living examples. Today, the rapid development in the field of science has emphasized the need for new buildings built in our country, the need for strong and talented management personnel, and stressed the need to fully adhere to the fields of technology, chemical technology, electricians and automation. Students should from time to time use modern opportunities to keep up with the latest news on the Internet, not only spend time on the Internet, but also focus on new technologies, management information and put forward innovative ideas.

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