“Замонавий билим оламиз, коррупцияга йўл қўймаймиз”

“We get modern knowledge and do not corrupt”

On June 4, students of the Faculty of Light Industry and Chemical Technology of the Termez TSTU branch met with the director of the branch B. Turayev. The meeting was held in a spiritual environment devoted to the reform of the education system, the abandonment of the old teaching methods and the need for new, modern teaching methods. As a result of the large-scale work on the development of the textile industry in our country, the specialists of the faculty need to meet the needs of specialists, the need for specialists who will create modern computerized sewing machines to be installed in new factories. The head of the branch also urged students to abandon the use of various illegal ways to prevent corruption and to evaluate the work of the final control. Students were asked to contact the branch director when there were instances of greed among teachers.

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