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20 sentabr kuni Termiz shahar Yoshlar markazida Islom Karimov nomidagi Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti Termiz filiali talabalarining talabalikka bag’ishlov va faol talabalarni taqdirlash tadbiri bo’lib o’tdi. “Jonajon O’zbekistonim mangu bo’l omon!” shiori ostida o’tkazilgan tantanada beshta muhim tashabbus bo’yicha ko’rgazmalar tashkil etildi. Talabalar uchun kitob yarmarkasi o’tkazildi.
Filial direktori Bahodir Turayev tantanali tadbirni kirish so’zi bilan ochib, barcha talabalarni qutladi.
Surxondaryo viloyati hokimining yoshlar siyosati, ijtimoiy rivojlantirish va ma’naviy-ma’rifiy ishlar bo’yicha o’rinbosari Chori Begimqulov ham tadbirda ishtirok etib, birinchi kurs talabalarini qutladi va barcha talabalarga muvaffaqiyat tiladi.


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Everyone today is trying to decorate their yard and their streets with flowers. By doing this, we understand that nature itself is a skilled artist, a definable designer, able to describe colors and feelings. Blue-white, white-pink, yellow-orange, blue, as well as light green, satin flowers, as if copied from nature do not allow them to pass without attention!

In the spring of 2019, Termez branch of the Tashkent Islam Karimov State Technical University intensified work on planting ornamental and fruit trees and flower seedlings. All the employees were involved in this mass event.

On April 2, a hashar was organized with the participation of the director of the branch B. Turayev, the deputy directors F. Nosirov, deans of the faculty, professors, teachers, students, employees of the branch. The entrance to the educational building is decorated with landscape patterns created from flowers of salvia, begonia, taghetis, petunia, rilon, alizum, and dahlia. Fruit and ornamental trees were also processed separately. Improvement of the territory of the branch continues.

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A travel to Samarkand and Bukhara

On March 29, 2019, in order to implement the Resolution of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan.’On measures to ensure accelerated development of internal tourism’ dated Febraury 7, 2018, № PD-3514 ‘Construction and Transportation systems faculty, Termiz branch of TSTU named after Islam Karimov has organized a trip for the students of the group №2-17 to Samarkand and Bukhara.

Led by Jasur Saynazov, the leader of the group, to avelers took a great impersion from our first president – Islam Karimov’s shrine, complex of Imam al-Bukhari, Tomb of Amir Temur, Bibikhanim Mosque, the holy plase of Bakhouddin Naqshband, Seven pyrs, Complex of Labikhovuz. And such Kind of trips help students to acquire Knowledge and spiritual rest.

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The festival guests were welcomed

The international festival of Bakhshi in the period from 5 to 10 th of April has begun to meet the visitors. This event, which will be held for the first time in our country, is being thoroughly prepared by the regional adminstration and each organization including our branch


This morning the student of Termiz branch of Toshkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov participated at a welcoming ceremony at Termiz train station. Guests have been placed in the student dormitory.Everyone is responsble for conducting the international festivalat the bighest level.

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Meeting with academician Saidahror Gulyamov

Termez branch of the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov has been visited by academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Saidahror Saidahmedovich Gulyamov. He has developed a great deal of suggestions on what factors should be taken into account when creating a powerful scientific potential, rich experience in educating the human brain and talent, as well as the unique talents of our great forefathers Khorazmiy, Ibn Sino. Professors and teachers of the branch, students received a lot of information from the academician’s lectures and life examples.

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