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Need for environmental engineers is increasing.

Termez branch of the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov was visited by experienced trainers from the capital city, Tashkent State Technical University. Doctor of technical sciences Latofat Rakhimova and Associate Professor Indira Ayubova, Head of the Department of “Ecology and Environmental Protection” of TSTU Faculty of Engineering Technology, first talked with professors and teachers of the department of chemistry to exchange experiences, to get acquainted with educational and scientific processes. Laboratory rooms, equipment and facilities were provided, and they made suggestions and recommendations.

After that, open communication with the students of 1-2 courses was held. Teacher coaches have taken the students to engage in scientific research and have stated that they should begin preparations for a Master’s degree study already. It was noted that the cooperation of the branch students studying in the ecology direction in Tashkent is underway. The students said that they would take advantage of this opportunity.

After that, a meeting was held for the graduates of the academic lyceum. The graduates of the lyceum have called for the acquisition of this direction, ie engineer-ecologist, and noted that TDTU and the regional branches of the university have all the necessary conditions to provide a solid and up-to-date information on this area. The graduates of the lyceum have received answers from experienced teachers about the main tasks and opportunities of this specialty.

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Ufa State Oil and Technical University - our guest.

Termez branch of the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov visited the professor of Ufa State Oil and Technical University, doctor of technical sciences Ne’matjon Rakhimov. The experienced tutor first got acquainted with the work done in the branch, talked with the professors and students. Provided necessary advice and suggestions. Then the lecturer gave lectures to students and professors on theme “Lightning diodes and their application”. Interesting information about the new innovative technologies, features of modern education, and the importance of general physics pleased the students and professors.

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TTU and ITU cooperation

Turkey’s Istanbul Technical University was founded by the Technical University of Tashkent in collaboration with the Technical University of Turkey.


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Roundtable discussion

Today, the Termez branch of the Tashkent State Technical University held a round table to establish partnership relations with foreign higher educational institutions.


The round table was opened by the director (i.o.) of the branch F.Nosirov.
F. Nosirov in his speech spoke about the ongoing reforms in the education sector in the country and stressed the relations with foreign educational institutions.
         After that Turmambetov Torebai Abdurahmanovich, laureate of the Kazakh-Turkic International University named after Khoja Ahmed Yassavy, spoke in Turkestan.
Turmambetov Torebay Abdurahmanovich made a report on the work carried out in the field of education between the two countries.
Saidakhmedov Pulat Altibayevich, Professor of the South Kazakhstan State University Mukhtar Avezov in Shymkent, also answered the questions of professors and students.
The event was attended by professors of Tashkent State Technical University B. Umrzakov and A. Risbaev.
After the event, the guests got acquainted with the material and technical base of the branch, created conditions and read lectures for our students.
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