Ufa State Oil and Technical University - our guest.

Termez branch of the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov visited the professor of Ufa State Oil and Technical University, doctor of technical sciences Ne’matjon Rakhimov. The experienced tutor first got acquainted with the work done in the branch, talked with the professors and students. Provided necessary advice and suggestions. Then the lecturer gave lectures to students and professors on theme “Lightning diodes and their application”. Interesting information about the new innovative technologies, features of modern education, and the importance of general physics pleased the students and professors.

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Followers of Zulfiyaxonim

Spring brings not only the world, but also the renewal of our souls. For example, the water of life flows into the branches of the tree, light to our eyes, to our hearts, to our arms and power to our hearts. The universe will soon turn green. The spring begins in Surhandarya … The mountains of Jarkurgan, the Kumkurgan valleys, the Baysun mountains and the Termez streets have long been dressed in green … The first day of the spring – March 1 is another important The event is widely celebrated throughout the country. 1 March – People’s Poet of Uzbekistan, well-known public figure, Zulfiyaxonim, the birthday celebration of the Uzbek literature. In connection with the 104th anniversary of Zulfiya Isroilova Termez branch of the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov held an educational event titled “Woman – a world of happiness”. The event, organized by the Branch of the Women’s Primary School, the Department of Youth Affairs, Spirituality and Education, students and co-workers, was a pleasure for all the participants. Four students, who were followers of Vafo and Faithful Zulfiyahonim, competed for different conditions and demonstrated their skills. The girls’ poetry, culinary skills, art of craftsmanship, finesse, attentiveness, sophistication of Zulfiyahanim’s works, and samples of creative works created on free subjects were well-deserved by the coaches and teachers of the branch. a patriot, a strong will, a deep-rooted spiritual person, “said Lobarhon Eryigitova, the chairwoman of the Women’s Primary Women’s Organization. – The responsibility for this high award entails continuous search, dedication, deep understanding of our social duty to society. Our favorite poet, whose unique talent, his love for the Homeland and the people, his excellent works of art, the way of life, social activity, national culture, and literature have made a great contribution to our literature, is included. Zulfiyaxonim’s elegant poetry is characterized by a great deal of love for Motherland, nature and nature, endless love for man, warmth and spring temperatures. The poet’s poems are well-known and popular not only in our country, but also abroad. The students of the branch Munira Ramazonova, Marjona Nurhonova, Gulsara Omonturdieva, Sayora Begimova performed with their applause and showed the worthy successor to Zulfiyaxonim. Students were awarded with memorable gifts from the leadership of the University

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