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Information Letter On

Information Letter On

June 7-8, 2019 in Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute will be held Republican scientific-practical conference on “Increasing the effectiveness of industrial enterprises on the basis of diversification of investments”.

The conference will cover the following issues: Financial issues in engineering, construction and engineering-communication sectors O Investment in transport, energy and information technology and their role in economic development of regions o Importance of investments in welfare improvement and social development o Efficiency of investments in industry and agriculture Articles requirements : Full size 2 or 3 pages, 1.5 interval (2.5 cm to the left, 2 cm from bottom, 2 cm from bottom, 1.5 cm from right, sheet A4 format, 210x297mm), Microsoft Word editor, Times New Roman, 14-character font. The subject is written in the middle of the sheet and the next line contains the author’s name, academic degree or academic title, shortened organization name, conference room, telephone number (see example). The article is accepted in Uzbek or Russian languages ​​in 2 copies, in paper and electronic versions until June 1, 2019 in the academic department. The text of the article must be scientifically, technically and stylistically edited and signed by a member of the Expert Committee or the head of the department. The cost of publication of one article is 30000 soums. It is not included in the list of missing scientific articles, which do not correspond to the requirements. The conference participants are awarded certificates and diplomas on scientific reports. (s) of the author (s) responsible for the materials.

The Organizing Committee address: Namangan city, Islam Karimov street, 160103, Namangan district, 1st building, 2nd floor, Scientific Department, tel: (0- 369) 234-14-85.

Contact services: Coordinator: F.Iriskulov, tel .: (0369) 2341485, +99893 400 44 24.YE-mail: farhodis@rambler.ru

OPPORTUNITY OF MAMLAKATE CHAPTER ON DIVERSIFICATION OF INVESTMENTS. Sirojiddinov I. (Engineering Department of Engineering and Construction and Engineering-Communications, tel: ………)

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