Republican Scientific and Practical Conference on “Quality and Technology of Chemical and Frozen Foods”

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to take part in the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology on May 17, 2019 with “Uzstandart” We invite you to take part in the Republican Scientific-Practical Conference “Innovative Technologies for the Quality and Security of Chemicals and Foodstuffs.” The conference is devoted to advanced technology in chemical and food industry, safety and quality of chemical and food products innovative ideas, classification and certification based on the chemical composition of chemical and food products, standardization and assessment of conformity, product quality and safety, problems of teaching in the higher education system, economy and management of chemical and food industries The lectures are given below the following sections: 1. Innovative innovative technologies to ensure the safety of chemicals and food products; 2. Classification and certification of chemical and food products based on their chemical composition; Standardization and Assessment of Conformity 4. Economics and management of chemical and food industries; 5. Problems of product quality and safety in the system of higher education. Requirements for drawing up of the texts of papers. Lectures are accepted till 10 th of the current year. The lecture is 1 ekz. paper and electronic versions. The volume of the lecture should be 2 pages, with WORD editor 6.0 and above, in Times New Roman, 12 fonts, interval between 1 interval, and four for 20 mm. The lecture texts should be typed with an orphographic and stylistic mistake. Images and formulas must be summarized. The lecture texts should be written in Uzbek, Russian, and English (with English or Russian translation). Student articles should be signed by their academic staff. The title of the lecture is written in capital letters. After one interval the names of the authors will be written in the next line, the name of the organization (institute, department), city, contact telephone numbers and e-mail. After 1 interval the lecture text will be written. The reports should reflect the results of the new research work. Articles of the reference are not accepted. Reports Navoi k. 36, the Innovation Center (RI Adilov) or send an e-mail to aziz_samatov_86@mail.ru. The conference materials are planned to be published. The official fee is 20,000 soums per article. The payment may be different. Our requisitions: R & D Treasury x / r 234 020 003 001 000 010 10 ISM US MBBB Tashkent, MFO: 00014, INN: 201 122 919. TKTI sh / xr 400 110 860 262 777 950 100 079 002. Code. 7950100-079 INN TKTI: 201 053 370. OKONX: 92110. Fee code: 09510.Tulov leaflet “conf. organizational contribution “and surname of the first author. Location of the address: 100011, Tashkent, Navoi k.36. Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute, Innovative Center, R.I. Adilov, tel: (+99871) 278-58-67, Mob: (+99897) 736-86-94, e-mail: aziz_samatov_86@mail.ru For information on conference / www. tcti. 

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