Xaydarov Gayrat Misirmonovich

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Haydarov Gairatjon Misirmanovich

From December 25, 2017:

1st category economist of Termez branch of Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov

Date of birth:                                                      Place of birth:

24.03.1982                                Surkhandarya region, Angor district

Nationality:                                                        Party:

uzbek                                                          He is a member of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan

Education:                                                     Completed:

high:                                              2004. Termez State University (day)

Specialty:                                                          Finance

Academic degree:                                       Academic title:

no                                                                          no                

What foreign languages knows:                           Military (special) Title:

Rustili                                                                 no

Was awarded with State awards:                     


Members of the Deputies, deputies of the republican, regional, city and district Kenghash Keneshes or members of the supervised bodies (should be stated):                    




2000-2004 – Termez State University studen

2004-2008 – Chief economist on budget execution of the Finance Department of Jarkurgan District Khokimiyat

2008-2010 – Head of Financing Department of Finance Department of Jarkurgan District Khokimiyat

2010-2013 – Deputy Head of the Treasury Department of Angor district – Head of Legal Responsibility Registration and Price Monitoring Division

2013-2015 – Head of Treasury Department of Kyzyriq district

2015-2016 – Acting Deputy Mayor of the Kyzyriq district on the issues of economic and social development

2016-2017 yy. – Deputy Mayor of Kyzyriq district on economic and social development, sphere of services and entrepreneurship

2017-2017 – Chairman of the Board of the Association for Coordination of Open Joint-Stock Joint Stock Companies “Bazar” Surkhandarya Region

2017 y-x.-1 category economist of Termez branch of Tashkent state technical university named after Islam Karimov


Utaganova Raykhon Usmonovna

Phone: +99891-578-88-31


Utaganova Raykhon Usmonovna


From 2018 December 10     

Head of the office of Termez branch of the Islam Karimov Tashkent State Technical University

Date of birth:                                                               Place of birth:                            

14.02.1989                                                            Surkhandarya region, Sherabad district

Nationality:                                                                  Party:   

Uzbek                                                                         no

Graduated:                                                                         Education:

Secondary special                                      2008 y.  Termez’s socio-economic development)

Education                                                    Specialist                     

Academic degree:                                     Academic title:

no                                                              no

What foreign languages knows:         


Was he awarded with state awards (which)


Members of deputies, republican, district, city and district councils of people’s deputies have the right (specify):



2012-2013 gg. – Secretariat at Termez State University

2014-2015 gg – Termez Department of Construction and Housing and Communal Services Termez Surkhandarya Region Labarant

2015-2018gg – Computer Maintenance Techniques at Termez College of Architecture and Construction in Surkhandarya Region

2018 g.v. – Head of Termez branch of Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov

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