Mathematics and natural sciences chair


The department of mathematics and natural sciences has been formed in the faculty of light industry and chemical technology in 2017. At the department 5310600 – Surface transport systems (Tractors and agricultural machines), 5320300 – Technological machines and equipments (mechanical engineering and metalworking) 5340600 – Transport facilities operation (by road) 5340800 – Automobile roads and airfields, 5321000-Food technology (meat, dairy and canned goods, cereal products) 5320900-Design and construction of light industry products (raw yarn production), 5320400 – Chemical technology (rare, rare and rare metals, celtic materials), 5630100 – “Ecology and environment protection” (industrial), “Higher Mathematics” , Mathematics 1,2, Physics, Physics in Construction, Information Technology in Technical Systems, Theoretical Mechanics i will conduct a classroom lesson.

There are 11 professors, 3 of them associate professors, 2 senior teachers and 6 assistants.

Despite the fact that the department was established, in the 2017-2018 academic year professors published 28 articles and abstracts in international and national level, besides 3 brochures, 2 manuals and 5 teaching materials guidelines.

The department conducts scientific researches in the following directions:

Principles of interconnection in higher education;
Issues of solving the problems in the field of production of competitive, highly efficient technologies and energy, resource-saving technical means in agriculture;
Implementation of digital program-controlled machine tools with modern methods in local production.

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