1. Head of  ITC
Ulugov Bozor Djumaevich
+ 99891-236-91-07



2. Administration ITC

Isaev Javohir Mamazoir o’g’li




The goals and objectives of the Center are:

Providing practical assistance in the development of electronic scientific, methodological manuals and textbooks on new information technologies and their dissemination through Internet – international information systems;
remote training;
organization of courses for teaching staff, researchers, gifted students on computer literacy and information technology;
– Ensuring effective use of computer and information technologies for the faculty, researchers and students, the Internet – international information systems;
Establishment of paid computer courses for professors, teachers, staff, students;
practical support and organization of practical and laboratory classes in the creation of imitational stands and virtual laboratory software through multimedia and computer systems;
creating and implementing various programs;
Creation of IRC library electronic catalog, introduction of “virtual library” and its utilization;
computer network organization;
the use of data transmission and data transmission facilities (Internet, e-mail, dial-up connection, fax, etc.);
conducting research in cooperation with national and foreign educational institutions and research centers on information technologies, establishing links with foreign state higher educational institutions using the Internet;
computerization of the organization and implementation of the educational process, as well as the creation of a single information space, centralized remote control of the quality of the training;
updating the technical equipment and equipment required for information technology in accordance with modern requirements;
introduction of new information technologies in higher education;
Creating and updating information with permanent data;
Organization of videoconferencing, video conferencing and videotapes;
Providing practical assistance in creating a Web site for the University and updating it regularly with new information;
Providing paid services for ordering web pages, creating software, setting up and running computer technics;
organization and monitoring of students’ knowledge;
to carry out educational-methodical, scientific, spiritual and educational work within the scope of consulting and other activities in the academic lyceums and professional colleges.

The Center has the following rights:

participation in public events organized at the university;
Participation and membership in the Scientific, Methodological Councils of the University with proposals on the development of information systems and distance learning within the Center’s activities;
introduction of news, electronic manuals into the educational system according to the established order in the field of information technologies and distance education;
Provision of paid services to legal entities and individuals on the use of information technologies and systems of distance learning, computer literacy, Internet and e-mail based on the Center’s work to fulfill the Statute. organization of work;
establish contacts, hold meetings and participate with international organizations, companies and foreign universities in order to develop the Center’s activities on information technology and distance learning;
control over the targeted and efficient use of computer equipment of the center and divisions;
Keeping a register of electronic manuals created at higher educational institutions of the republic.