HR administration Termez branch of Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov 

Kichkilova Matluba Hamzayevna

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Termez branch of the Tashkent University of Applied Technologies named after Islam Karimov
the head of the department of scientific research work of the students,,
born in 1971, Uzbek, with higher education

Kichklova to Matluba Khamzaevna


Kichkilova Matluba Xamzaevna 1971

Kichkilova Matluba Khamzayevna was born in 1971 in Termez, a family of intellectuals. Nationality is Uzbek, higher education.

Kichkilova Matluba entered the secondary school No 8 named after A.Navoi in Termez in 1978 and graduated from the 10th grade with excellent marks in 1988 and had secondary education.

Kichkilova Matluba entered the Pedagogical faculty of Termez State University in 1988. She graduated from the university in 1993.
Kichkilova Matluba worked as a laboratory assistant at the State University from 1993-1996.

From 1993 to 1996 she worked as a teacher at the No.2 school in Termez,

In 2003 she worked as a teacher at the school No 8 in Termez district. From 2003 she continued her pedagogical activity at Termez pedagogue college and taught college students till 2014.
In 2014-2018 she worked as a deputy director on educational work at school # 6 in Termez.

M.K.Kichkilova actively participates in spiritual and educational events and public affairs of the branch. She is an enthusiastic, courageous, honest, humble, loving, caring person in every job. Responsible for performing tasks and responsibilities given, respected by the team members and students.


Research engineer for scientific research

Allamurodova Nodira Nodir qizi

Phone: +99890-644-90-99

Email: nodira.allamurodova@mail.ru



1.Ulugov Ulugbek

Termez branch of the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov is a student of group EUTT 1-18

Department of research activity of gifted students REGULATION

I. Establish links with research institutes in Uzbekistan and abroad; II. Functions of the department – development of the program of formation and development of students’ participation in the circles; – to identify students according to their scientific and professional interests, organize their targeted training; – Organize the activities of students participating in the circle jointly with the activities of the students’ scientific community; – Ensure that students are trained and trained in research at the Chairs of the Academy and at the Central Scientific Research Laboratory branches; – participation of full-time students in scientific conferences, seminars and competitions; – Participates in the circle and helps to publish the student’s scientific works and works. III. Functions of the department develops a professional-oriented program for work with students, approves them in educational and scientific departments, and provides semi-annual and annual reports on the activities of students. – organization of clubs and participation of all students in the department; – Ensure that students with high score in the circle participate in scientific conferences; – Providing the TIJ with its reports in the branch; – to create all opportunities for the department to become the most talented students; – The circle adapts students’ research work to the scientific research carried out at the department and defines the managers; IV. The role of the dean – oversees all activities related to the activities of the student group; – makes proposals to the department on the definition of a teacher engaged in the circle of students; – Provides necessary guidance for identifying students with a high score score and moving them to the next level; – separates representatives of professors and teachers from the faculty organized by the department of control of students’ participation in the circle; – Provides support to the department in conduction of scientific seminars, conferences and republican Olympiads; – Studying the conditions created by the students in research work in the departments of the faculty, in cooperation with the department introduces and supervises their proposals in the department of their improvement. V. The task of the “Youth Union” – Providing material and moral support to students’ research work; – direct assistance to student workshops, scientific conferences, republican Olympiads; – providing material and spiritual assistance to the students in the circle and encouraging their and their leaders; – informs about the activities and activities in the club in the “Youth voice” newspaper, and in the press of the district, television and radio. VI. The role of students in the circle – Highly ethical, cultured and thirsty for science, always striving for innovation; – to constantly improve their intellectual potential, to access the Internet, to be aware of scientific publications, branches, research works in the Republic; – constant participation in the department of the circle attached to it by the head, participation in scientific materials and experimental works; – Excellent knowledge of English and other foreign languages; – collecting materials and analyzing the data obtained by the scientific director himself for his research work; – Preparation of articles and theses in scientific journals with foreign and domestic journals. – To protect the reputation of the branch by actively participating in contests, events and seminars at the faculty and departments of the Republic.

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