The Department of “Construction and Transportation Systems” was established in Termez branch of the Tashkent State Technical University in 2017. There are 4 departments in the faculty: 5310600 – Land transport systems and their exploitation (by types of transport), 5320300 – Technological machines and equipment (on branches), 5340600 – Transport facilities construction, 5340800 – Roads and aerodromes. It consists of “General Vocational Subjects” and “Transport Systems and Technological Machines” departments. In the department of “General Vocational Subjects” there are 9 full-time lecturers , 13 part-time, in the department of “Transport Systems and Technological Machines”, there are 5 full-time, 9 part-time professors and teachers of the faculty are teaching the students, 5 of them candidates of sciences and 9 assistants-teachers.

405 students are enrolled in the faculty: 10 girls and 395 boys. At faculty work is carried out with the observance of teacher-apprentice tradition, professor-teachers supervise scientific research of 16 talented students.

The students of the faculty have completed the above mentioned subjects, 10 students have got excellent marks, and 83 students have got good marks. The attendance of the students of the faculty for the classes is 98%.                                          



Khushbakov Bakhtiyor Hudoymurodovich

  (Dean of faculty of construction and transport systems)



29/07/1977. Born in Termez, Surkhandarya region, nationality Uzbek, higher education, in 1999 graduated from Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers, specialty electrical transport, scientific degree: Candidate of technical sciences.

Scientific theme “Multirange current transformers for managerial systems devise supply of the railfreight traffic”

Accept. Monday to Friday, 15.00; hushboqov_1977@mail.ru , phone +998 90-401-99-69


        Jurayev Husan Atamurotovich

       (Deputy dean of the Faculty of Construction and Transport Systems)

16/07/1976. Born in Termez, Surkhandarya region, nationality Uzbek, with higher education, specialty economics (branches and fields).

Subject of the scientific work: “Improving the mechanism of organizing the business environment in the region”

husanbek76@mail.ru , phone +998 90-747-47-07


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