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Internal Rules of Procedure-(Download)

Recommendation on the dressing culture of students and professors

Some students are exposed to higher education institutions in the form of pebbles, beads, breasts, breasts, breasts, breasts, breasts, breasts and breasts, the shawl of the scarf comes in the way it binds, and in such a case, the movement is recognized by the public as a violation of the moral code. At the same time, it causes a variety of misunderstandings and breaches internal procedures.

Each student should come to the training facility in accordance with the established procedure, with beard and hair regulated. Based on this, the Charter, internal regulations of the higher education institution and internationally recognized moral and ethical principles, the national traditions, traditions and national moral values ​​that are in line with the national law, you will be asked to ensure the re-approval of the board of education.

The order and culture of clothing at the Higher Education Institution :

Students must come to the OTM (in the form of) white dresses, classic-style trousers, tie and dark shoes; Students should come to the University (in the form) in white blouses, a skirt and a suit that covers the knee, dark shoe; The appearance of a male pedagogue and student young men should be tidy, clean, shaved and shaved; Students can not walk in the classroom, the teacher or the staff in the service room in the underwear (cloak, coat, jacket etc.); The teacher and students come to the OTM in a religious dress, sportswear and footwear, with their shoulders, chest and abdomen, the upper parts of which are transparent, and in excessive narrower clothing, as well as headphones, metal chains and other jewelry, piercing, bearding, and so on, and can not move to the academy in such a way that it is bound to the umbilicus. It is forbidden for female pedagogues and students to make bright cosmetics (makeup). On the order of admission of students to bachelor’s degrees of higher education, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of June 20, 2017 “On approval of regulations on the procedure for admission to higher educational institutions, transferring, restoring and leaving students” discipline. “

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